Weekly Review 1st – 6th Feburary 2011 [first match!]

I finally got to play with the Hungarian men’s team (finally!) in a friendly match against the leaders of the […]

Weekly Review 24th – 30th January 2011 [waiting..]

It’s the last day of the month, and a pretty uneventful month actually. Nothing has really developed football-wise. I’m still […]

Weekly Review 17th – 23rd Janurary 2011 [Tom Rogic the chance]

Tom Rogic The Chance This week I was watching the conclusion of ‘The Chance’ contest by Nike where Nike launched […]

Weekly Review 10th – 16th January 2011 [ra ra right back]

Got back into routine this week. I feel as though the trial with the national team and a nice break, […]

Weekly Review 6th – 12th December [holidays]

  This will be a quick post as I¬† have an English exam that I found out about today, tomorrow […]

Weekly Review 29th – 5th November 2010 [summer in december!]

Yo, it’s December! Time goes so fast and that’s why if you have one chance to go for your dream […]

Weekly Review 22nd – 28th November 2010 [character]

Building Character in Sports A player’s character. I guess it’s what separates them from the rest. How they react, if […]

Weekly Review 15th – 21st November 2010 [plan b done?]

I have basically accepted Malone University’s offer to join their NCAA Div 2 team. Why did I choose them.. Just […]

Weekly Review 8th – 14th November 2010 “The Penalty Miss”

Penalty Miss Our team reached the final. 0-0 after extra time. Hundreds of people watching and this game was a […]

Weekly Review 25th – 31st October 2010 [sun out of the clouds]

I talked to Chris Tanner this week, the manager of the Australian division of Zenith¬†Sports Management company. I started talking […]

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