Weekly Review 15th – 21st November 2010 [plan b done?]

22 November 2010

The Life Manifesto

I have basically accepted Malone University’s offer to join their NCAA Div 2 team. Why did I choose them.. Just to get it over with this whole process I guess. I know it sounds stupid, but I should be focusing more on the Plan A of getting into a professional European team, so I don’t really care what the Plan B is. This Malone University is in Ohio, It’s apparently got players from U.S.A., Jamaica, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Liberia, Australia, England, South Africa and some new players coming from Germany, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Brazil. I like the international feel. If I decide going to America, I can play one season in college and then get drafted to the MLS, then go to Europe from there.

It really isn’t my preference going to a college with a little over 1000 people in the middle of the country. I wanted to go somewhere big in soccer and athletics with a big campus and a nice city. Like New York, California, Miami and Boston. I’ve realised you have to fly over there if you are going to get any chance of getting an offer to play there. These coaches really want to see you play in person. I was thinking of flying there in my December, visiting the top campuses and training with them. Maybe I’ll go, I have to think about this a little and ask myself if it’s really worth it.

And the news with my new agent, were getting the contract and fees sorted out. Won’t be much longer until he’s arranging me trials.. hopefully.

That’s basically all for this weekly review.

Next Week Training
What I’m doing at the moment is taking 100-150 shots at goal with my left foot every day. It’s working well and I’m seeing some improvement! Goal is to take 1000 shots with my left foot next week!

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