Weekly Review 1st – 6th Feburary 2011 [first match!]

06 February 2011

I finally got to play with the Hungarian men’s team (finally!) in a friendly match against the leaders of the third division. I came on as a sub, playing 30 minutes of the match as a left winger. Beforehand, it was a bit awkward in the changing rooms, I was the only one who couldn’t speak Hungarian, and not many people spoke English. I wasn’t sure about how I would go, but it turned out that I did pretty well. What stood out most was my speed, it wasn’t that difficult to out sprint their defenders and get some decent crosses in. So even though I only played a little bit, I know now that I can compete with proper men and I think that the coach will invite me back to play with the team (that or I play in the reserves). I really, really want to play with them again, and I really need that sort of match experience. Final score was 3-3. On a side note, I found out that the team we played against get paid $750 usd a month + bonuses which is pretty good for Hungary. It was a friendly, but really they weren’t that great so it gives me hope.

My registration still needs a signature or something, so I still can’t play in the regular league for the side until that’s sorted out.

Other news, I’m going to stop talking about that agent situation until something actually happens. My Dad was suppose to sort things out this week, but he didn’t.

Torres to the club I support Chelsea for 50 million pounds.. pretty amazing.

Just finished watching the game, and it frustrates me how I can’t see the real motivation to score from him, to really want the ball all the time.

This Week

I’ve been wondering whether or not to start going to gym as part of my training plan. I was a bit worried before about doing weights because I didn’t want to stunt my growth. But now that I am 17 and a half I can consider it. I probably need a bit more tone on my body if I am going to compete at men’s level, but the thing is I don’t really know what I should include in my workout sessions, what I should work on, techniques I use, how often, etc. So next week I’m gonna find out a bit more and perhaps make a plan.

So 18.5 hours this week, more game watching this week then most. 20 hours again next week. Ja, gut.

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Foreign Players

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