Weekly Review 24th – 30th January 2011 [waiting..]

31 January 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo

It’s the last day of the month, and a pretty uneventful month actually. Nothing has really developed football-wise. I’m still waiting to get things sorted about coach and the agent. My registration papers are in for the second time with the Hungarian football federation to play men’s football, but don’t know when I can start playing. I’m aiming for February to be a month where I go on a trial somewhere as I have a one week break from the 18th. But that’s in two and a half weeks, and it doesn’t look like this agent situation will be sorted out in time for the guy to contact people and arrange trials. So I’m trying to get a hold of one or two people who could help me possibly get a trial somewhere, perhaps in Germany or Belgium or somewhere like that.

So again, not much to say. I keep on training and never giving up. Keeping faith in myself and belief that this long journey will be rewarded.

This Week in Training
This week I felt pretty tired, I didn’t have the full day rest like I was suppose to on Monday. I figured out that it was 19 days since a full rest. So today and tomorrow I’m making sure I don’t do anything so I am refreshed physically and mentally. So this week I did 17.5 hours training, but having the excuse that I need rest, I won’t punish myself. Monday is a rest, so next week is 18.5 hours.



Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Lunch Personal Session (1:00) (1:00 Personal Session) Personal Session (2:00) Personal Session (1:00)
Afternoon Personal Session (0:30) Personal Session (1:00) Club Training (1:40) Personal Session (2:30)
Evening Club Training (1:40) Club Training (1:40) Club Training (1:40) Personal Session (1:00) Personal Session (1:20)
Late Evening  

Monthly Reflection

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