Weekly Review 17th – 23rd Janurary 2011 [Tom Rogic the chance]

24 January 2011

Tom Rogic The Chance

Tom Rogic The Chance

This week I was watching the conclusion of ‘The Chance’ contest by Nike where Nike launched a campaign for people to make their own fan pages on facebook, then go to regional trials. Eventually 100 people around the world were chosen to go to England. The final 8 were chosen today. I read somewhere that 75,000 people entered in the contest.

I found out today that Tom Rogic,18, a guy from my hometown city of Canberra, Australia was chosen! Now he gets to live in England for one year and play EPL reserve sides as part of the Nike Academy. He’s probably at least on his way for an a-league contract at least if it doesn’t work out for him in England from all this publicity this PR stunt is getting. Tom was playing in the regional first division of Canberra before he got his ‘chance’ and this league is what Jan (Aussie U/19 coach) said that was not good enough to me. So I guess this story kind of gives me more.. confidence of making it professionally.

[2013 Update: Tom has recently signed a contract with Celtic and played in the World Cup Qualifiers, on his way to the 2014 World Cup)

The next week, it’s 90% sure that I’ll have my papers finalised with this Hungarian team, and my Dad’s emailing coach to notify him about the agent. I would have talked to him in private about it, but he’s away from training for a week.

I am really desperate to play senior football! I really want to see how I compare to adult players and I really want to get myself playing at a faster pace, I need it!!

Next Week
Trained the usual 20 hours this week, I realised that I haven’t given myself a full days rest in 12 days! So tomorrow I’m not going to involve myself physically in anything.
Good news with my left foot! I’ve finally practiced it enough that it’s gotten to the stage where I can properly strike it and get some power behind the shot. The next level is actually being able to use it in a match situation very confidently.
In training next week I’m going to keep practicing my left and dribbling and ball control work.



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