Weekly Review 10th – 16th January 2011 [ra ra right back]

16 January 2011

Got back into routine this week. I feel as though the trial with the national team and a nice break, has made me more confident and a better player. My priority right now is working on faster pace so that means trying to do everything one-two touch, and giving myself two seconds to control and release a ball when I’m training on my own. But like I said last week, it’s really something that you get used to playing with better players and better teams. Four months ago, I was suppose to start playing for a 4th division Hungarian club. Unfortunately my registration papers didn’t go through, so again my coach is trying to get me in this transfer window. This is actually really important because it’s my last chance to play for an adult team before I graduate school (which by then I want to be confirmed into a professional club). If my papers fail me once again, then I’m making my dream come true, a lot harder. Earlier in the week I told coach about my trial, how it went and playing as a right back. He said that he sees me more as an attacking player, a right winger or as a right striker and definitely not as an attacking mid because my positioning and movement is always terrible in that position. I also briefly mentioned to him about the agent I’ve been talking to and expected him to get really pissed off. His reaction wasn’t negative, but I had to get out of his car (he was giving me a ride) shortly after mentioning it, so I don’t know what he actually thinks about it.

This Week
Trained 15 hours. 20 next week. Today I was at the field on my own training and I had some good earphones on and my ipod in my pants, my old earphones would usually fall out when I’m practicing, but these don’t, and it’s so much better training when I’m listening to music, maybe the loneliness of training alone won’t be as lonely with the latest house mixes banging in my ears. Right now I’m practicing on drills where I’m putting myself into attacking right/left back situations.


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Late Evening

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