Weekly Review 6th – 12th December [holidays]

13 December 2010

Australian National Team Soccer Player - Tommy Oar


This will be a quick post as I  have an English exam that I found out about today, tomorrow morning and I haven’t done any studying! Reflecting on this week is more important right now than memorizing junk for an exam in my eyes.

So two things I happened in another exciting week of Nick’s life.

1. I have been invited by the U-17, U-20 Australian national team coach to have me train with his team. Pretty exciting news, If I get selected for the national team, I could have the chance to play in the FIFA U-20 World Cup next year. Wow, now  that would be a dream come true. But first I have to impress him. I ‘m not sure, but I think on top of the national team, he coaches the Australian Institute of Sport team that plays in the A-league youth and after looking at their schedule, it surprised me to see that they only do four 1 and a half/2 hour training sessions and a game a week. The rest of the sessions are focused on recovery, strength and conditioning and a video session. This is according to the schedule the coach sent me, but I basically do 7-8 2 hour technical sessions a week. Probably at least double the technical ball work they do each week. I hardly do strength and conditioning, but the coach should be impressed by my technical ability compared to what they would have I’m guessing. All judgement right now, but we’ll see I guess.

2. The contract with the agent has been put on hold for the time being. Had to put it on hold because my coach says he will take me to trials in Belgium and if I sign with an agent, that means that coach would have to tell him I’m signing a contract, and the agent would get a 10% of my salary for his work! So knowing the coach, he wouldn’t be too happy about that. So if coach doesn’t end up taking me to trials, or it doesn’t work out in Belgium by April/May, I will sign with the agent. But it seems that Janos will live up to his word because he asked for a DVD of my video and a CV.

I leave to Australia on Tuesday evening, can’t friggin wait!!

Next Week

Goal was to do 600 shots with my left, ended up doing 300 because there’s always kids using the gyms so I can’t get my shots away. Aiming to do just 10 hours of football next week since I will be traveling and I’ll probably be a little jet lagged.

Australian National Team Soccer

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