Weekly Review 29th – 5th November 2010 [summer in december!]

06 December 2010

Yo, it’s December! Time goes so fast and that’s why if you have one chance to go for your dream in your life, you gotta do it 🙂 That’s why I’m proud of myself to go for the one shot I have right now.

You could describe this week as “just another week.” Haven’t signed with the agent yet because if coach knows about it, he might get angry. So I’m gonna talk with him next week about this agent, and see what he has to say. Hope he doesn’t get all protective! I had to train indoors at school these last 7 days because of the snow. Have to always train on my own at school, because this is the only place I know where I can train freely without the snow! Again, working on my left foot, about 350-400 shots I counted, half short of the target of 800 I set :S Looks like I don’t get the reward that I had planned for myself.

I did however book flights to Australia for the Winter holidays! Last time I went was 12 months ago, and I think this might be my last Australian summer, and the last time I see my old friends there for a while, as I’m really expecting getting a contract signed here in Europe soonish. Of course, my main concern is keeping up with the football in Australia, as last time I hardly did anything at all and felt like absolute shit, and in this really vital time of my footballing career, I can’t afford to take much of a break. That’s why I am trying to get the managing director in a-league club Melbourne Victory to look at my video and invite me to a training session. I’m also talking to my future agent, who lives in Sydney, to get me a few days training in Sydney FC’s youth team. Wow! It’s hard to believe I’m talking of doing things like this, I wouldn’t of even imagined this 2 or 3 years ago. Anyway, I’ll definitely get a training plan set up by next week while I’m there.

Anyway, it’s 12:30am, and I still gotta watch some games, so goodnight! Oh, P.S. I also got the Most Valuable Player award on my team for the school, and took a four hour SAT test on Saturday, crazy long!

Next Week

20 hours this week, at least 1/4 was watching games due to snow. Let’s get 600 shots with my left foot next week! 1 1/2 hr penalty.


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