Weekly Review 13th – 19th December 2010 [athlete paranoid]

19 December 2010

Stress and anxiety in sport

I feel kinda depressed and paranoid at the moment. It’s because this whole week I’ve been out of my routine, I haven’t had much time with the ball, my fitness is probably dropping after no club training for almost two weeks and this is not good when the Australian U-17 and U-20 coach is going to take a look at me shortly after the new year, which is probably my biggest opportunity in my career so far. Really my biggest worry is my ability and fitness dropping with not training three hours every day and now have hardly touched the ball within the last week from being caught up in  traveling, jet lag, seeing friends and family, etc.

So I think it’s time for a re-focus to get my self physically and most importantly mentally fit again. because when I do lose my routine, I tend to get pretty paranoid. So for this week, I am going to commit myself doing something everyday (expect one day for rest) whether that’s going to the gym, or going to the oval for a kick around, watching games and learning. I need it, it’s like my food!

There’s really not much to say this week, nothing really exciting happened. I am just here in Australia, but the hot sun, 30 degree weather and blue skies I’ve prayed for, has for the most part been replaced with grey skies, and rain. I was watching an a-league game and I just realised how sloppy they play. It’s slow, unimaginative, and just not that great. The a-league would definitely have to be the minimum playing level of my career. I have to be just as good they are at some point (if not now) with what I’m seeing. But whatever, my goal always remains of playing in the 2014 world cup and for a world class team.

Next Week
7 hours in total, missed 3. No penalty (holiday). Next week 13 hours.

So next week I am going to make sure I can look back and reflect on what was a reaaaaaalllly good week!

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