Weekly Review 20th – 26th December [christmas]

26 December 2010

It’s Christmas time. Not much to say about this week and this will probably be the shortest weekly review I’ve done. Having a holiday basically, to be honest I’m not having the best preparation for my trial with the Australian national youth team next week. But what I’ve learnt from my experience in trials this year, is that it is not good to think too much about it, otherwise you will start to stress yourself out with the competition. I’m going to treat this trial different from my others, and just be laidback, relaxed and see how I go. Yeah, actually now that I think about it, this trial is huge. Then again, I’m not gonna think about it, I’m just gonna have fun with it and reflect later. Should be fun though, going to the AIS from the 28th – 31st to train, it will be a cool experience. My expenses are covered too, even better 😀

Next Week

Trained 9 hours this week, with a combination of kick about at the oval, runs, and gym sessions. Missed 4 hours, which means I will have to do 14 hours worth of training next week. Usually I would reflect day by day on my performance next week, but like I said, my approach is to be cool with the trial and see how I go, therefore I’ll do a big reflection in the end of it all.

Soccer Training Preparation

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