How do you manage a football career or side passion when you have a full-time job/school?

On second thought, I think what my current problem comes down to is busyness. I’m investing a lot of energy […]

Feeling un-motivated?

I felt very un-motivated to train this past week or two. Some might attribute low motivation to train because of […]

Eating and sleeping well

For the athlete and any human being for that matter, proper sleep, eating and nutrition are extremely important to feel full […]

The Future Pt. 2

As the season closed in June, I had to think of a few points for review this year. The review […]

Season Update

Hi everyone. Here’s a quick season update for all of you watching. This video is to give you an idea […]

The Future

This year I’ve been pondering on just where the next opportunity will come from. Over the past five years I’ve […]

Thoughts of Quitting

It’s been a while since I last wrote a post. You’ll be glad to hear it’s not because I’ve given […]

First start since December

Alright, so here’s just a short update of what’s going on in my football life at the moment. After not […]

Enjoy the journey.

This week I spent time making plans for my future. I’ve been asked a few times in the past month, […]

Super Sub

  It’s been the warmest winter ever in Holland and over the weekend we had some rare sunshine weather. A […]

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