How do you manage a football career or side passion when you have a full-time job/school?

20 October 2014

On second thought, I think what my current problem comes down to is busyness. I’m investing a lot of energy into life and getting the most out of every single day, and I know a lot of you do too with what you have going on outside of the football field. The question I want to answer with today’s post is:

How do you manage a football career or side passion when you have a full-time job/school?

My current typical day starts with school or working on Effective. I’ll do that until the evening where I’ll train for a couple of hours, then after a shower it’s a quick dinner break and back to work again. This kind of schedule has had an impact on my sleeping and eating habits. It can be annoying to go shopping for groceries, or cook, or eat fresh food.

The other day, one of my friends called me a ‘workaholic’. People often ask me “Nick, how do you manage to do everything?” Just to recap, I’m studying full-time at university (currently taking two semesters worth of classes in one), I have not one, but two businesses online, I’m training several hours everyday, oh and I have a lovely girlfriend who I’ve been dating the past 1.5 years. Sorry if I sound like I’m boasting here, but listing these things is something I’m quite proud of. I love life because I can experience so many glorious things at once. To some it may sound like work, work, work, but really I am loving every part of the day because I love it all.

It has to start with the belief and the will to manage everything. I’m no time management expert, but you can start by creating a daily plan.

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