Eating and sleeping well

19 October 2014

For the athlete and any human being for that matter, proper sleep, eating and nutrition are extremely important to feel full of the energy needed to take you through the day. But eating and sleeping well is not always easy to do. I find if you feel un-motivated to train, it’s usually down to your eating and sleeping patterns. For many part-time or amateur footballers who have a job whilst playing football, this is a common dilemma. For those of you reading that are still in school, this is also something to think about, especially when it comes down to the time you have your examinations.


Eating and sleeping well

My problem is that I have to be more efficient in how I eat and sleep. This is a pretty typical ‘living on your own dilemma’ but so important to manage if you play sports a lot. Training is the worst when you have no energy because of a lack of food. To resolve this problem, There one, always has to be enough food in the fridge and two, the food has to be there with no hassle – meaning that I don’t have to cook.

As for sleep, it’s all about making sure I go to sleep early enough. It’s not good that I have a feeling of always being a bit hungry because either I don’t have enough food or I can’t be bothered to make food.

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