Weekly Review 25th – 31st October 2010 [sun out of the clouds]

01 November 2010

I talked to Chris Tanner this week, the manager of the Australian division of Zenith Sports Management company. I started talking to this guy after seeing I had him as a friend on facebook, checking out his photos, saw that he had a role in a sports agency and messaging him with my video, new completed recommendation letter and info. It turns out he used to be one of the coaches at one of my old soccer clubs, hence why Chris added me as a friend on fb a while ago. We’ve been constantly messaging every day of the week, he saw I was decent in the video with a good touch and sees I have a determination to be something in the game. He eventually gave me a fee of $1000 to manage my sports career for one or two years, when I sign a FIFA Representation Agent Contract and everything seems pretty legit. As we wrote and replied, he said that he would want to start me off at the “bottom of the ladder” playing in Cyprus, Malta, etc in the youth set up. I asked why I couldn’t play somewhere a bit more decent, he said as I don’t have much on my CV, and if I were to go with a prestigious club they would probably let me go after a little while. But I knew if I had a chance whether it would be with Chelsea or Apoel in Cyprus, I would succeed at the chance, if it were a one-two year period where I got to do my thing. The club would classify me as a player at the end of the period as a player they can’t let go. I know it, it’s a pre-written fact. Anyway I’ll continue talking to him next week and report how it goes.

Anyway what else happened.. hmm.. oh, yes. Moses sent my video and called his contact up in Ohio. What the Ohio dude needs to see now is a full match of me playing. I have a school tournament at my school in two weeks time so I’ll film then. I ordered 10x mitre balls to use for practicing in mornings before school. More balls the better.

And some sad news, after getting my recommendation letter done by Janos and updating my info page. I’ve sent around  ten emails out to American colleges in the last 2-3 days and I’ve only received one reply from Harvard, saying I am a good player but they are full for the 2011 season.

It’s great I’ve got my video done, info done, letter done and from now I have plenty of time sending out emails, contacting people, etc. I guess it’s just all about a bit of luck and waiting for the right opportunity comes along. I’m guessing it will take at least 50 emails before I get any interest from any coach 🙂 But from here it looks like the sun is starting to peer it’s head out of the clouds now.

Next Week

20/20 hours of training completed this week. Next week school starts again, I want to put a special focus on shooting with my left foot. New schedule below.


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Morning REST Personal Session (1:00)  Personal Session (1:00)
Lunch REST Football with Mates (0:25) Football with Mates (0:25) Football with Mates (0:25) Personal
Session (1:00)
Afternoon REST School Training (1:30) School Training (1:30) School Training (1:30) Club Training (1:40) Personal Session (3:30)
Evening REST Club Training (1:40) Club Training (1:40) Club Training (1:40) Personal Session (1:00)
Late Evening REST

getting an agent

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