Weekly Review 6th – 12th December [holidays]

  This will be a quick post as I  have an English exam that I found out about today, tomorrow […]

Weekly Review 16th – 22nd August 2010 “End of Summer Training”

Summer Training This week represents the last week of what has been a great summer. Over the last 9 weeks […]

Watching the World Cup in Paris

Weekly Review 28th – 4th July

European Soccer Training Some amazing world cup games this week. Holland beating Brazil and I was at a FIFA Fan […]

Weekly Review 7th – 14th June

So.. I’m done with my 2nd last year of school and now I have a whole 9-10 weeks in front […]

Weekly Review 1st – 6th June 2010

This week the world cup starts. Can’t wait, it’s when the whole world gets together just to watch football, hundreds […]

In 2014 I’ll be playing for Australia in the World Cup

It’s possible and I can do it. Play for the Socceroos in the World Cup and be the best, most […]

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