Weekly Review 16th – 22nd August 2010 “End of Summer Training”

22 August 2010

Summer Training

Summer Ending Soccer - End of Summer Training

This week represents the last week of what has been a great summer.

Over the last 9 weeks or so, I have trained both physically and visually over 150 hours. I’ve watched Spain win the world cup, gone to England for a one week camp, had countless hours of practice in my backyard and at my local pitch and not to mention, this week had a pre season weeks camp with my club.

It’s been long and sometimes hard to do, but I’ve become a much better player because of it, the rewards have come. I understand the game more, I know where to move, I definitely am a smarter player then I was back in May. On the pitch, I feel my long passing, shooting and speed are qualities now of professional standard. It just has to only be a matter of time before I’m noticed.

This week

Like I mentioned, I had a pre-season training camp with my club this week. Two trainings a day and It was all going very well until yesterday when I started getting this dull pain in well.. my private area. So yesterday afternoon and today I’ve had a rest to see if this small pain will go away. I hope it wont continue into next week! Might have to get it checked out.

Heading was bad, couldn’t keep the ball down into goal.
Finishing very poor! (been working on shooting every training over the summer so it’s weird, maybe because we were using small goals and I’m not used to that).
Had very fast dribbling and distribution of ball.
Tackling was pretty good.

Nothing to report.

Good awareness and movement
Good finishing

Gave away some cheap passes
Good finishing

Becoming a better leader.

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