Weekly Review 23rd – 29th August 2010 [First Week]

30 August 2010

Didier Drogba vs Man United

It’s the start of the season and we have some good news and bad news.

The bad news is that with my regular club, alot of decent players have left, making me by far the best player in the team (I’ll say why it’s bad in a moment). Two years ago when I joined the club it was a different story because there would be 5 or 6 players better than me and I could learn from them. Now I wont be learning as much or trying to beat a standard in the team, so it will be difficult to see my progress in my regular club.

And an update on that pain I was feeling since last week. After a visit to the doctor, it turns out to be a small hernia injury that I’ve suffered, so it might require surgery. I’m getting an ultrasound on Tuesday. But I can still play without much problem, so it’s not soo bad.

The good news is that I’m currently getting my papers finalized to play for a fourth division Hungarian mens team. It’s nothing special, just like a Sunday team. But at least I’ll be playing with proper big, strong, large men so it will be good practice. I’ll also get to play many more games, because in the last 24 months I’ve only had the chance to play perhaps no more than 20 games, not nearly enough I think. Now I’ll get to play nearly every week.

And every bad situation can be good, because now that I’m the best player in my club team, I have the chance to play more of a leadership role. The same applies to my school team I’m also beginning to play for from next week.

If your confused, from next week I’ll be playing for:

  • My Regular club BudaJuniors (4x training a week)
  • My school (3x training a week + tornuaments)
  • Men’s team (1x training? + 1 game a week)

This Week

Just another week of training, nothing exciting or bad happened really.


  • Good finishing
  • Good pressure tackling
  • Good awareness of other players




  • Good pressure and tackling.
  • I’m too fast for my opposition 🙂


  • Through balls were overhit alot of the time.


  • Game intelligence has definitely improved. Assists have been main strong point this week because I know where players are, I know where the defenders are and how to exploit them.


  • Touch was a little off
  • Passing was a little off

Next Week

20 hours last week, 20 hours next week. I’ll be playing more with others now that I’m starting to play with school and men’s team. But I’ll still have plenty of time left over to practice on my own. Now I should be making up the 14 hours I missed earlier, but due to this hernia which I really don’t wanna push at the moment,when the time is right I’ll do those hours.

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