Weekly Review 31st – 5th September [hmm]

06 September 2010


Hasn’t been a great week for football, because I didn’t play that great. It’s been one of my down in form weeks, but that’s alright it happens sometimes. There’s really nothing much interesting to say.. uhm..I won’t start playing for this men’s team for a little while yet because the Hungarian FA need to get my papers sorted out with the Aussie FA. What else.. I’m really making an effort to become the captain of my school team, trying to lead them for warmups, giving advice and alot more shouting.. but  I don’t think the coach is noticing that which is annoying. Anyway.. nothing major, hope I have a more exciting week next week 🙂

This Weeks Training

Completed exactly 19 hours and 10 minutes of training this week. Almost nine of them were done today.. I really need to organize my time better and not delay till Sunday because it’s almost 2 in the morning as I’m writing this and I have school. From Wednesday on I just started feeling weird like I couldn’t concentrate and like my body telling me I needed a rest, after I hadn’t had one since the Wednesday of last week. I ended up having a rest on Saturday and felt energised today, I think I need to give my body more rest because I think I play better that way. It’s been a poor week for finishing, I think that’s just temporary though and should improve next week.


– Kept good possession of the ball.

– Passing was off



– Finishing could of been alot better
– Touches were shit
– Awareness wasn’t good, I wasn’t looking to see what was around me.


– Finishing again sometimes poor, especially one on one.


– Interplay with teammates is getting better (after watching many many games I try put the nice one-twos and stuff like that into my style)

Stuff learned from game watching:

  • if you see that the defender is not looking at position before they get ball, go straight in for tackle
  • run towards the ball, if someone behind you has more space as defender will come with you.
  • to make sure that Messi scores one on one, he very quickly fakes the shot (keeper goes down) and then shoots.

Next Week

22.5 hours of training next week, I will aim for more than that though because I have a 3-4 day school camp the following week and that will take time outta the schedule so making up for it now seems the best thing to do.

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