Weekly Review 6th – 12th September [america & plan]

12 September 2010

So far for the half-dozen time or so in 2010, I’ve injured myself minorly and been unable to play for the last 2 – 3 days. I got a weird pain just under my left butt cheek as I was playing some lunchtime football with friends. I have to remember to warm up and stretch, even before just playing with my friends.

In more important news, this week I’ve taken a pretty serious interest in playing football (soccer) in America. I was talking to one of the coaches at my club about his younger years and about playing for an American college. He told me he got the head Liverpool scout to write him a recommendation and sent it off to colleges, without a video of him playing. He was offered scholarships to four different colleges. However, in the end he unfortunately injured his knee and that put him out of any football.

This whole idea of getting a scholarship to play in America started when I went to England for a soccer camp in August. I met a cool 18 year old guy in his third year of college and he told me about the social life, the parties, the really fun lifestyle, girls and I was hooked on the idea. I really don’t care about getting a college degree, but as people say, college is the best four years of your life and just being there for the crazy parties and stuff would be awesome. But football wise I’m unsure. Apparently there is a draft pick at the end of each season where MLS scouts pick players for MLS teams. But of course, I don’t think the MLS is everyone’s first choice to play at and there’s probably better opportunities in Europe. I’m not sure, I am clueless right now. But I think the topic of playing in America will become hotter in this blog soon.

Playing in a professional European club is still the goal I have set for the start of the 2011/2012 season and I have that dream in mind every day. America is my second choice. I still have to plan though because in May next year I finish school and I gotta do something! So from now until then.

September – December 2010:

  • Continue training 20 hours per week.
  • Get a video made so I can send to clubs and colleges
  • Get recommendation letters from my coaches
  • Apply for American colleges.
  • Arrange trials with European clubs.

Janurary – May 2011:

  • Trial at European clubs.

May – July 2011:

  • See what offers are out on the table and make the final decision

August 2011:


2011 – Beyond: Become a Football Legend!

This Week & Next Week

10.5 hours of training were completed since I got injured on Friday. Less than half of what I was expecting to do. Next week I have school trips from Monday – Thursday. I’ll try fit in 10 hours next week and then the next consecutive two weeks I’ll train 25 hours a week so I make up for the lost hours.

College Sports Scholarship

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In 2009, I was an average soccer player with a dream. I started this blog to document my journey from local underdog to getting offered over $100,000 in soccer scholarships, a contract to play professionally and the experience of playing in Europe.
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