Weekly Review 7th – 14th June

14 June 2010

So.. I’m done with my 2nd last year of school and now I have a whole 9-10 weeks in front of me to improve. A football summer definently. After watching the first few days of the world cup, it just inspires me so much, it’s so exciting everything. I seriously had tears in my eyes at some moments when players would walk out from the tunnel and sing their national anthems, it’s just so inspring because it’s what I dream of all the time.

I was watching an nikefootball interview with Arsene Wenger the other day, and when asked what he looks for in a player he said:
“none of us is perfect…what makes a player go to the top is that he has one quality“. – Arsene Wenger Quotes

I have a few strengths  like shooting, dribbiling and speed, but I don’t know what my one single best quality is, I’m gonna think about it and then once I find it, I’ll work on it every day.

Oh and I didn’t receive a call from footballcv which is quite a shame, although they said in a generic letter that they thought I was good and they would pass my name around to different clubs. They basically gave me an invite to play for the footballcv academy, but that’s a last resort for me because they only help players get into academy’s, it’s not like a proper one. And it’s pretty expensive, 18k pounds a year!

This Week

I just feel as though I have a couple of things that need sorting out with my game, and once they do get sorted out I’ll be so much a better player. I didn’t write down my pros and cons of training this week, but I gotta keep doing that again because it really does give me insight into what’s up and down for each week.

Through watching games this week, I didn’t really find anything new to say because I think I have already learnt a lot of things and I see alot of repitition now, which is good I guess. I think I gotta start looking more on the defensive side and support play because they are really my biggest weaknesses. Things like when to commit to a challenge, when to make a run and things like that are what I need a little help in, so I will look out for that.

Next Week

I missed 2 hours and 10 minutes of training this week, which means I have to make up 3x that next week. 26 hours and 30 minutes 🙂

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Morning REVISE
Lunch Personal Session (2:30) Personal Session (2:30) Personal Session (2:30) Personal Session (1:00) Club Training (1:45)
Afternoon Personal Session (2:30) Personal Session outside (1:30) Personal Session (3:00) Personal Session Outside(4:00)
Evening Club Training (1:45) Club Training (1:45) Club Training (1:45)
Late Evening


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