Weekly Review 1st – 6th June 2010

07 June 2010

World Cup Winners Italy in 2006 - soccer examsThis week the world cup starts. Can’t wait, it’s when the whole world gets together just to watch football, hundreds of millions of people watching 32 teams fight it out. Awesome, how I would love to be apart of that. Just the atmosphere and everything would be incredible and it is my dream to play in the world cup one day. The goal is in four years time, the 2014 world cup. I hope to learn alot from all the games I watch this summer! I think England will reach the final and Brazil the winners.

In other news, I have exams from tomorrow until Thursday and while most of my friends have sacrificed their whole weekends studying, I haven’t revised one minute yet, too busy from watching (watched and took notes five whole hours today) and playing football mostly, but I guess that’s the sacrifice you gotta make to achieve your dreams 🙂

This Week

So Monday was the West Ham FootballCV trial day. It went ok. The main thing is that I scored a cracker from outside the box and a good assist, but wasn’t consistent with being good with the ball. This is what I took out of it:
– Assist: Ball comes to right wing, one on one with defender, to the goal line and cross to back post.
– Goal: Edge of right side of box, curled into bottom right corner.
– Hesitated too much and lost the ball.
– Overdribbled (again) at times.
– Probably should of attacked with ball more.
– My aggressiveness makes me look strong and I am not afraid of tackling anyone.

I think I have a 40/60 chance of getting a phone call.. haven’t received one yet, but they said wait up to two weeks so… : /

– Control and passing was good, didn’t lose ball once from just passing around.
– Shielding ball was good.
– Probably should of gone for more runs.

– One touch passing needs improvement.

– Finishing is good.

Top 5 Game Analysis Notes:

  • Realised the quickness that Robinho has, once he takes first touch he flies off, which is what i have to do too.
  • Defending, don’t let a player look up, if he does then immediately take ball away from him, think quicker than him. React faster. if he keeps looking down, chances are he’s gonna try and make a move.
  • Rooney always seems to touch one way, make defender switch position and go back the other way to beat a defender.
  • Best players have lots of small quick touches when running up field.
  • Bounce off players when dribbling.

Next Week

I have a upper back strain at the moment, but hopefully that will heal by Tuesday. I have exams which will alter my schedule from most weeks.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Lunch REVISE Personal Session (1:30) Personal Session (1:30) Personal Session (1:30) Personal Session Videos(1:00) Club Training (1:45)
Afternoon Personal Session Videos (1:00) ECONOMICS EXAM GERMAN EXAM RELAX! Personal Session outside (1:30) Personal Session Videos (2:00) Personal Session Outside(3:00)
Evening REVISE Club Training (1:45) Club Training (1:45) Club Training (1:45)
Personal Session Videos(1:00)

Soccer exams

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