Watching the World Cup in Paris

Weekly Review 28th – 4th July

04 July 2010

European Soccer Training

Watching the World Cup in Paris

Some amazing world cup games this week. Holland beating Brazil and I was at a FIFA Fan Fest viewing place in Paris (next to the Eiffel tower, really cool!) where Uruguay got the craziest win over Ghana. Football is amazing, the fifa place was filled with thousands supporting Ghana, one moment there going wild and screaming in celebration because a penalty is given and the next moment people are running out of the place getting beat on penalty kicks. What’s even more amazing is that Uruguay didn’t even qualify for the 2006 world cup as they were beaten by the Aussies, but they scraped it to the semi’s this year.. but only just! The two finalists last time didn’t even make it past the group stage! Wow.. constant ups and downs.

This Week

I’ve been a little laidback this week because I’ve been seeing friends and keep getting distracted by girls, which by the way take up a lot of time. I’ve also been in France the last three days holidaying with my Family. So I’ve completed 17 out of the 23 hours I was suppose to do this week. To be honest, of course I could of completed those hours if I didn’t go out with friends or anything and didn’t spend as much time with family, however I think it really is more important that I spend time with the people that are important as much as I can because once I become a professional footballer, I don’t think I’ll have as much time and freedom, so I don’t want to be regretting when I look back.

Next Week

So I’ll have to do 20 + 6×3 hours next week which is 38 hours! But I won’t do those next week because I want to be with my family more. I will also reduce the number of hours I do to 15. So I’ll do 38 + 5 = 43 hours the week after next. That’s more hours than a full-time job, I think it will be a little hectic, but I’ll try manage it so I play football from 10 – 4pm every day and that way I still have time to be with friends in evenings. World cup final in 7 days!

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