Weekly Review 21st – 27th June 2010 [Visualizing Success]

28 June 2010

Visualizing Success in Sports

Donovan Scoring against Algeria in World Cup - Visualising Success

This week was the first without school and club training, so it was just watching, playing and doing it again everyday.. all 30 hours of it this week. I trained roughly 5 hours by myself today and watched world cup and youtube for another 5, so I feel all worn out, but only have myself to blame as I left 1 third of the weeks training on the last day of the week. Whatever, all this training is making me a better player so it’s all worth it. Especially when I see some special celebrations like Landon Donovan scoring against Algeria, or Suarez scoring a nice one against Korea. I dream of scoring goals like they did every day, just seeing the joy on people’s faces and the noise and everything.. wow it would just be unbelievable. I am always playing scenarios in my head like I make my debut as a late substitute for Chelsea against Man United in the champions league semi final and score a stunner from outside the box into the top corner, and then pretend there is a crowd in front of me to celebrate to!

I don’t have much to say on if I improved or not as I am not playing games or anything. But one thing I can say is that I’m improving on my juggling, it’s getting alot better these past few weeks because I’m doing it constantly during training with myself. So now I can bounce it on my shoulder, head, chest without the ball getting away from me.

Next Week

I didn’t do one hour of the thirty-one this week, which means I have to do 23 next week. Here’s the schedule for that:


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Morning PS at Pitch (1:30)
Lunch PS at Pitch (1:30) World Cup (1:10) World Cup (1:10)
Afternoon World Cup (1:10) World Cup (1:10) World Cup (1:10) PS at Pitch (1:30) Personal Session (3:00) Personal Session Outside3:00)
Evening World Cup (1:10) PS at Pitch (2:00) World Cup (1:10) PS at Pitch (2:00)
Late Evening World Cup (1:10)





So since I have more time, I’m going to start posting more articles on some cool things relating to football. Bye.

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