Weekly Review 5th – 11th July [World Cup Final]

12 July 2010

World Cup Review

Spain Winning the World Cup

Got back not long ago from watching the FIFA World Cup Final in a outdoor bar with friends. It’s amazing, just watching the celebrations of the Spanish players and it made me want to be apart of it one day, on top of the world. Wow, Iniesta scoring that last minute goal is a moment that as a footballer you dream about. I can’t imagine how I would feel if I was Iniesta scoring that goal, winning the world cup for his country. It would certainly be the moment of my life if I did something like that. And that’s what I am aspiring to do, my goal is to be in the starting line up of the Australian national team by 2014. This goal is miles away currently but with every pass, every shot and every time I write in this blog I’m an improving player every single day. You don’t need belief in me, I just know I can do it.


This Week and Next Week

So I recorded roughly 8 hours of the 15 I was suppose to do. But like I said previously, I am on holiday with family and I needed to spend time with them + all I had was a little mini ball to play with at the hotel. So I’m going to count this week as a little “break”. But from next week I will have 43 hours to complete. 10 – 4pm every day is the plan. I’m making a promise to myself now that I WILL DO these 43 hours, so I don’t keep missing out on hours. If I do not do this promise then I won’t be able to trust myself in the future to reaching any goals or anything.

I currently do roughly a 60% with the ball and 40% watching mix with my current training regime. Once the season starts again and I feel that my play intelligence is improving, I will do more with the ball.

So anyway, this week has gone really fast + it’s the end of world cup 🙁 But it’s all good! Off to next week then!

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