Weekly Review 12th – 18th July “Match Analysis”

18 July 2010


Persistence is key to becoming successful - Match Analysis

So I just completed 43 hours of focused football work this week, sticking to the promise I made myself! Wow 6-7 hours a day everyday, mostly by yourself is difficult as your always constantly thinking of “ah.. I wondering what’s happening on facebook” or “Fuck this! I need a break!”. It’s tough, especially when you’re on summer holidays. Of course I’d love to relax a little more, but then again, my goal is to become signed to an academy within the next 12 months. I’ve made so much progress already, I cant stop now.

I feel like I am a good player now, that I feel has more potential that ever before. I feel quicker and more confident. Although I think this attitude that I’ve gained from practicing by myself needs to be tested against some decent players before I get ahead of myself.

This Week

I watched at least 100 youtube videos this week on highlights of different players, watching so many really puts the things you see into your own style of play which is improving my football brain I feel.

These are some of the things I took out of it:

  • When trying to receive a through ball, make a run with the ball carrier in mind and the position of his nearest defender, so he can slot a clean ball through.
  • On the counter attack , you cannot delay with the ball because defence and mid are getting back as fast as possible. Wrote this because of selfish Pedro at the end of Holland – Uruguay semi.
  • Fake one way, step next to the ball with one foot, take another step to fake direction while taking ball away in the opposite direction with other foot.
  • When defending, if you think a pass will come near the defending line you’re in, move up and block the pass that might occur, very good tactic if you don’t have anyone to mark.
  • Van Persie trademark is cutting inside and outside on the edge of the box to get a cross or shot in.
  • Elia fakes shot, and rolls ball with sole – just another variation of a fake.
  • Before making a dribble, Ronaldo may drag ball with sole of foot and that way it is easier to trick defenders because you create the speed of the ball.

So another 20 hours next week, cool!

Match Analysis in football

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