Weekly Review 15th – 21st November 2010 [plan b done?]

I have basically accepted Malone University’s offer to join their NCAA Div 2 team. Why did I choose them.. Just […]

Weekly Review 8th – 14th November 2010 “The Penalty Miss”

Penalty Miss Our team reached the final. 0-0 after extra time. Hundreds of people watching and this game was a […]

Weekly Review 11th – 17th October 2010 [finland?]

It was a mixed week. Good and bad. I once again slightly injured a muscle under my left butt cheek […]

Weekly Review 20th – 26th September 2010 [time & talking]

I got home after training, had a shower, ate dinner unenthusiastically and crashed asleep on my bed at 8:30pm on […]

Weekly Review 6th – 12th September [america & plan]

So far for the half-dozen time or so in 2010, I’ve injured myself minorly and been unable to play for […]

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