Weekly Review 20th – 26th September 2010 [time & talking]

27 September 2010

I got home after training, had a shower, ate dinner unenthusiastically and crashed asleep on my bed at 8:30pm on Thursday night. It was only when I woke up at 2am that I realized I was suppose to watch a match and study for a German test!
Tiredness and exhaustion got the better of me this week. I can’t really pinpoint the reason why, maybe it’s the prescription I’m getting off of, over training, not enough sleep? It doesn’t make sense, I’ve had weeks where I’ve trained up to 43 hours. I think the reason is that I’m not planning the way I should, and I always like to hold things off to the last minute. Which explains why most weeks, Sunday represents like 1/3 of the total weeks training. So just for football, I’m gonna commit myself to doing x number of training hours per day so more hours are freed up in my hectic schedule.

This week marked the week where the process of joining a football club or college started. I talked to my top club coach, Janos and told him my plans of what I wanted to do. He said he will assist me and mentioned getting me into a club in Belgium, England, Germany or even France. He said maybe I would have to play for a club that wouldn’t pay me in the 2nd or 3rd division, but I could sort that out with money that comes from my online businesses, which is why the issue about planning is important too, because I also need time to make money from the websites I own. He really wants me to start playing in the Hungarian team I’m suppose to be playing for at the moment, but as the registration process is taking ridiculously long (which always happens in Hungary) he can’t see how I will adapt in that environment yet. He wants to look at the “football brain” side of me with men’s football. Which I know for sure is remarkably better than it was 4 months ago. Since he told me to improve my football brain, I’ve watched several hundred youtube videos analysing different plays and dozens upon dozens of matches and replays. So much so that awareness, positioning and movement may even might be becoming one of my strengths.

I also talked to one of my other coaches called Moses, who played for Liberia and in Europe. He is a good guy, I talk to him often and he takes a interest in me because he knows I want to be a professional player. He said he has a contact in Ohio that we could talk to. But recommends I should make a video first, so that’s what I’m doing at the moment.

This Week in Training

I haven’t regularly analysed parts of my performance this week because I don’t think when I am the best player, that I can accurately identify what I need help on and what I’m good at. When I am playing at a higher level, like at this Hungarian men’s team, that I’ll start looking at every training again. But important things, that I know for sure are lacking or are great, I will jot down.

I changed my football boots, my shooting is better, but now I need to regain confidence in shooting that maybe I lost with my old boots. I never knew the shoe could make all the difference.

On Friday I had a match against the Christian School of Vienna. We were 1 – 0 down and in the last few minutes I got the equaliser with a header. My Dad took a video, the highlights are being made and I’ll post it next week, so you’ll see how I did on there.

Trained 20 out of 25 hours which was suppose to be completed. However, because I was tired and I felt like I wasn’t getting 100% out of trainings, I kept this to 20 and I won’t punish or add on hours because of this.

Next Week

I’m gonna keep a limit of 20 hours of training next week, because I feel like I need to to “recover” more and work more on my businesses so I have a steady flow of money for if I need support when I move wherever for football. I now owe 24 hours of football work (14 missed from August coz of hernia and 10 this week and next week). So whenever I can make up those hours I’ll try.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Lunch Football with Mates (0:25) Football with Mates (0:20) Football with Mates (0:25) Football with Mates (0:25) Football with Mates (0:25) REST
Afternoon Personal Session (1:30) Personal Session (1:00) Personal Session (1:00) School Training(1:40) Personal Session  (1:30) Vienna Football Trip (3:00?) Chelsea vs Arsenal (1:00)
Evening Club Training (1:40) Club Training (1:40) Club/Personal Session(1:00) REST
Late Evening (1:00 Personal Session) (1:00 Personal Session) (1:00 Personal Session) REST

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