Watching the World Cup in Paris

Weekly Review 28th – 4th July

European Soccer Training Some amazing world cup games this week. Holland beating Brazil and I was at a FIFA Fan […]

Weekly Review 25th – 31st Jan

Hmm.. what to say about this week. Going through the days I found Tuesday: More determination to do better in […]

Believing you will suceed will make you succeed.

So last night after watching Will Smith’s video on wisdom, I became really motivated. I have this red, mini football […]

Just watched the most valuable Youtube video I think i’ll ever watch

Will’s Wisdom update: if link doesn’t work: Will Smith is a man of his success. I think his philosophy […]

Weekly Review 18 – 24th Janurary 2010

Another week passes, finished this years first game a couple of hours ago and now i’m catching up on some […]

First weeks training back in the new year

I think the first week has gotten off to a good start.

Won it on the weekend

Hey there, it’s been a couple of weeks since the last post.. I don’t know why i’ve put off putting […]

I played a game against Borats kids

but I lost the ball a couple of times and this really pisses me off as my aim is not to lose a ball at all in a game, yet I lost a few against crappy 13-14 year old kids who are not even a proper team. Fuck. My aim to be pro, when I do crap like this it has a hit on my confidence.

I can Make It

dream and when the time comes that I walk out the tunnel to see my eyes open to tens of thousands of people only then will I know that I have reached the dream.

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