Weekly Review 18 – 24th Janurary 2010

24 January 2010

Another week passes, finished this years first game a couple of hours ago and now i’m catching up on some last minute homework.

Starting off with the game which is the freshest in my mind at the moment, I think I played good. We won 8-0 against a pretty average team. I first assisted a goal from taking a corner kick and then scored a one on one, I had just one other shot on goal. My goal came from the determination to score as I made a run through the middle of defence and received a through ball which paid off when I nutmegged the keeper. What I did well was making runs with the ball, tackling and touch was good.

If we look at my main focuses for improvement:


I think all of these things were done ok – good in the game which this game I guess shows i’ve done a little improvement in those areas.

On the negative side, there wasn’t too much. Positioning could of been a a little quicker in some cases, I think I should of made more runs and received passes through the middle of the pitch, too one sided. I also didn’t feel as though I was really, really important like if I was Rooney when he scored those 4 goals. I want to mean much more to my coach and in my football so I think I just got to take my game to the next level as if I were just untouchable on and off the ball.

But going back earlier in the week here is what I reflected on in trainings, the fitness side of things is postponed until this coming week:


  • Improving my playing intelligence of the game
  • Knowing when to run, sprint and pass
  • My confidence really lacked in drills and didn’t think things through.
  • Balance and co-ordination needs improvement
  • Finishing needs improvement.


  • CONFIDENCE, It wasn’t there!


  • Two touch passing could have some more perfection

So as you can see, the confidence side of things wasn’t so great. When I stuff up in training or get shouted at by my coach I tend to put my head down. I am learning that these things will only make me stronger so it’s not worth putting my head down for anything, it shows that I lack confidence in myself to others and that’s something I can’t do.

Anyway that’s all for this week, it’s a month to go now before I go off to AFC Wimbledon and see how I go with my one week trial there, can’t wait!


  1. yojimbo says:

    Good with the trial at the Wimbledon. I know we’ll look after you as the management team are very astute.

  2. By the way yojimbo, if you were the one who posted the link on the AFC site or whoever did it.. thankyou because it got me about 200 visitors in one day and trust me I usually don’t get many (if any) visitors on this site 😀

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