“I’ve become a standout”

03 February 2013
Walcott is in great form! Loving his transformation!

Walcott is in great form! Loving his transformation!

This is the Weekly Review for the 28th – 3rd of Feb 2013. 
I feel good. I feel good training, I’m having heaps of fun playing because I’m as good as I have ever been. Gym workouts are getting more enjoyable and easier.  Being stronger means you can take players on and try things without fear if you collide with the player.
I just feel from the last two trainings I have reached a stage where I’ve become a ‘standout’ in training (talked about trying to become a standout back in June!), and that I now need to show my ability in a proper game where it really counts, week in week out. I hope this is not just a phase of “good form” but the actual, new and improved Nick Humphries I’ve talked about in my past posts.
I think what the contribution to this ‘refreshed’ me is the fact I have been getting more sleep in the last 1-2 months than I have had in years. With school out and business ventures flat, I’m beginning to realize what it feels like to be bored again and though it’s a little depressing, it’s giving me more time to focus on football and more rest.
Today is Monday, I talked to Mike Kolf today at his football academy grounds. I think originally he was thinking like, “what the hell is he doing here?” I don’t think he remembers me asking him if I could come in and use his facilities and him answering that I could. I wasn’t expecting a beautiful facility or anything, it’s all quite basic but I guess it works. I found out the other day through his website that Mike has produced a massive 170+ professional players in 6 years! I think most of these “pros” are kids getting into football academies, but still that number is astonishing. Reading through his website more, there’s talk of a partnership with him and Liverpool! I think he is one of the go to guys in the Netherlands for players so I respect the guy a lot and if there was ever a top guy for connections, he’d be that guy! Anyway, I ended up having a quick gym workout there because Nico was so sore from yesterdays game with the second team of Zeeburgia. It will be interesting how this week pans out and if I can continue going back to train at his academy grounds.

Goal Journal

My Vision
Long term goal
Play professionally by end of summer 2013
Short term goals
1. be more explosive
doing this
General comment: Really focusing my workout exercises on more dynamic, explosive ones. Focus less on the arms now.
2. quicker plays
doing this
General comment: really trying to replicate the amount of time on average you would have in the premier league for a touch and a shot.
3. Be stronger on and off ball
focusing on this
General comment: This apparently was one of my biggest weaknesses and now I feel it’s turning into one of my biggest strengths. I get excited now to barge players away and shoulder charge, it’s fun!
4. Build LinkedIn network
keeping on adding, but not really any new, interesting contacts added this week.
Plan & Checklist
– Do 15 hours of work!
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