Weekly Review 21st – 27th January 2013 [back to a’dam]

27 January 2013
stopover in Dubai!
6 short months ago I was in this same departures terminal awaiting to fly off to Europe, by myself with no certainty on what I would do and who I would meet for the rest of 2012. Now I’m doing it all over again, ready for the ‘second round’ and a new adventure all over again. New roommates, new friends, new girls, but with a bit more know how and expectation than last time. Before I know it, It will be summertime and I would have finished my first year in Uni.
The last 35 or so days here have been a good semi sort of break, but with good, purposeful training. Mentally I feel much fresher and motivated playing football. I think it was a combination of a reduced schedule for a few weeks, training with friends, especially Adem who also wants to play pro, with proper drills and exercises, and having more purpose at the gym learning and applying explosive based workouts from my brother and others.
After a sleep on the plane, I’ve continued writing this as I arrive into Dubai and watching Being Liverpool on the TV in front of me. Cool show.
I’ve thought the current way I’m doing reflections could be improved, so I’m keeping this goal journal for every weekly entry from now on.

Goal Journal


Long term goals
Play professionally by end of summer 2013
Short term goals
1. be more explosive
Really focusing my workout exercises on more dynamic, explosive ones. Focus less on the arms now.
2. quicker plays
With what I was doing with Adem and friends over the last few weeks have really focused on developing the first touch and getting away from a defender as quickly as possible. One shooting drill was focusing on getting a touch and shot away within 1 – 1.5 seconds, the amount of time on average you would have in the premier league for a touch and a shot.
3. Be stronger on and off ball
This apparently was one of my biggest weaknesses and now I feel it’s turning into one of my biggest strengths. I get excited now to barge players away and shoulder charge, it’s fun! Plus my muscle size is really getting noticed, I’m hearing everyday something along the lines of “nick you are getting big mate!” It’s officially been about a years work of 2-3x per week pumping iron..Hard work pays!

Working hard in the gym!

4. Build LinkedIn network
Added a dozen or two connections this week, just going to start adding people like fuck!
Plan & Checklist
– Do 13.5 hours of work next week due to long haul flying
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