Weekly Review 14th – 20th Janurary 2013 [improving technique and explosiveness]

20 January 2013

It’s been about a month now in Australia and I’ve extended my stay twice now so I don’t leave until early next week. Family and friends have been the priority, above all having a good time. This wouldn’t be a football journal without the football so lets talk about that. I have really been trying to improve my first touch and quickness getting ball out of feet because I believe that will make me a standout player at the professional level.

I’ve been doing First touch, one touch, one touch turning, two touch exercises that usually finish with a shot or cross on goal. Doing these as explosively and quickly as possible, but yet to see the effects in a game or club training session yet because I haven’t gone to one.

In the gym, it’s been more about doing explosive exercises. The purpose is that it will not just build muscle, but real strength and power for football too. I’ve also been adding a few back exercises in as part of my regime because I never did that earlier. Still trying to get the technique right on those. The next step is getting the technique right on the multi-muscle exercises like power cleans, clean and jerk, etc and very important, strengthening my core, something I don’t do nearly enough. I’m now big and muscular, but there are an endless list of things I can improve and that applies to my game in football aswell.

I spent the weekend in Sydney again with friends and went out in the town. It was fun, and once I become a pro I wonder if I will miss those nights or have better ones with my to-be football buddies. Guess we will have to wait and see!

In other news, the Canberra local Tom Rogic signed for Celtic! Good on him.

Next Week

Only completed 10 hrs and 10 mins. Next week I must do 19 hrs 50!

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