Weekly Review 3rd – 9th December 2012 [I’m getting better & athlete sponsorship?]

09 December 2012

A new version of Nick Humphries as a football player is forming.  He’s stronger, the can push older experienced players off the ball, smarter, takes on more players, makes a good habit of scanning, wants the ball more, comes to the ball more and (tries to) shoot on goal more. Matches are getting easier to play in through all those hours put in over the last 2.5 years of football analysis and the high quality of four months of Dutch football training, 4-5 sessions a week even at the amateur level is paying off. Physique at an all time high.

Went to the gym earlier in the week, stepped on the scale and I was really surprised  When I first came to Amsterdam after the summer holidays and went to the gym, I was about 71-72 kg from what I can remember. In Canberra I was usually about 73. Now I’m 77 kg. Don’t know if I gained some fat or gained pure muscle, or a combination of both? I’m pinching and pulling my stomach right now and although they’ll be times where on the weekend I’m eating pizza’s and burgers, I think I burn that all off on weekdays. I can certainly lift more at the gym then a few months ago. Still, I’m not sure. Oh well.

Nothing else to report really. Update from Jordan was “I have a big brand interested in bringing you in for a meeting to help sponsor your development. so trying to coordinate that. more soon.” was what he said to me on Thursday.

Next Week
15 hours next week. Exception of 12 hours this week because of workload,  lost phone and exams.


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