Weekly Review 10th – 16th December 2012 “A Major Brand is Interested”

16 December 2012

It was exam week so each day was spent studying until the hours leading to daylight.

Training have been messed up this week because it’s approaching Christmas which means Winter beak and there won’t be anymore comp games until January.

Hardest exams are over now, club training’s are coming to a halt and I’m travelling back to Australia on Thursday. This is going to give me some time to clear my head, de-stress and just have a good amount of time to reflect on how the year has gone in my life and plan for 2013. I’m actually looking forward to spending a day or two in airports and long haul flights by myself, free from distractions.

Message from Jordan Katz this week was “Hey nick – a major brand based in cali is interested in learning more about your potential and asked if you are available to meet in person. It won’t happen until the new year. Do you have any plans to be in the us soon? Jordan”

I replied saying I have no plans going there and would only travel if expenses paid for.

Next Week

My normal schedule is going to be reduced over the next month. One of these weeks can be used as complete physical and mental rest.

17th – 23rd – 6 – 7 hrs
24th – 30th – 10 hrs
31st – 6th – 10 hrs
7th – 13th – 10 hrs

Did 12 hours this week due to Amsterdam.

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