Weekly Review 26th – 2nd December 2012 [get ready…?]

02 December 2012
While I was making dinner on Wednesday night at 10:30ish 11pm, Jordan facebook messaged me and asked me if we could have a skype chat immediately. I agreed and Jordan started telling me the news he had. I took some notes of the phone call and this is what he said (read last weeks post if you don’t get it) :
– Two positive phone calls that can “make it happen”
– Proceedings are already in motion
– Put on an “event”
– Go one of two routes: Either, Veteran professional athlete? Established, with alot of influence or brand route, influential brands (like Nike), developing athletes, have resources, comfortable with career path.
The last thing he said was along the lines of
–  Fly me out to a venue and connect me with someone.
– “just letting you know” so you can be prepared
Jordan just wouldn’t go into specifics so the details are sort of vague. It’s Monday night as I’m writing this and there’s no further update. I’m still hoping for the best, but expecting that nothing will happen.
I played in Tuesdays game with the JOS reserves as a defensive centre right mid. We won 9-1 9-2 or something like that. Fairly easy match for me and one of the few who played a full 90 minutes. I didn’t score, but created a few chances.
On Thursday I trained with the reserves again and after training I sat down with the coaches and team manager. They finally told me they wanted to have me as a player in their club, they gave me the forms to sign, etc. What’s cool is that the club has a proper physio that’s there every training. Every player has a locker. Kit is given and washed for you and by the looks of emails I’ve been getting the past few weeks. They send video analysis of team game performances to the players, as well as a statistics report sent each week with player stats. So I think they try do everything pretty professionally.
I’m not going to sign anything yet, just to see how things plan out this coming week.
Friday’s training I felt good. Was nervous because the last two Friday training’s I got a lot of shit. I got there early, felt good and fresh probably from Wednesdays break and a long afternoon nap and a good bowl of Pasta. Played the most part in winning the training game. Strong, fast and had the best training I’ve had in a while. Just have to keep that up.
I remember Moses telling me back in the days I trained him to be really quick in one on one situations. I now truly understand, to try something you have to be quick, really quick about it with your first touch.
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