Weekly Review 2nd – 8th of July 2012 [prep starts now]

08 July 2012

I’m sitting on the couch in front of my TV at home watching a David Attenborough documentary about insects. Tired and relaxing, but always with the locked feeling of stress inside that never seems to disappear. It’s hard to completely relax when you have a goal to achieve. It’s a feeling that’s described like you shouldn’t be relaxing or feeling rewarded. It’s the constantly being a better player than you were yesterday. It’s the feeling that you shouldn’t be relaxing until you’ve “made it”. It’s a feeling that’s stayed with me for the past few YEARS now.. not months. It never goes away because it’s part of the fire that keeps you going to, to sweat, to feel pain and to ride out the hours. You just have to learn how to turn it off.. otherwise you’ll never be satisfied with any achievement in life.

Anyway enough about that. Today’s game was against Monaro Panthers, the worst team in the league. These are one of the games you’re just expected to win without any doubts. We we’re down 1-0 for most of the first half, but we got back on level 1-1. I didn’t really make much of an impact. We ended up winning 4-1 and I made two decent assists. One was to control a low ball in the box and lay off for Stevie to finish, the second was a great curling cross from 30m out for Pete to head it home. So three assists in the last three games.. but no goals. Pete seriously always manages to get a goal every game.. today he got three, but they were all cherrypicked goals being at right place at the right time with most of the work done for him to finish. Frustrating! I wish he delivered me some decent opportunities. Our main centre forward has also been out of the game for the last 6-7 games and he provided alot for the runners off him. Anyway, I can’t blame the situation. At the end of the day, it’s up to me to find the creativity to come up with the goods. I still just can’t get myself to move inside to receive the ball, I just can’t get the friggin confidence. It seems I just always lose it that way when the defender taking the ball away from me from behind and falling over. I just have to do it.. I know I said this before.. but no second thoughts.. just move to the ball!

In the lead up to the game, I missed alot through my lower back pain. On Monday I went to my local Doctor (originally just to see him about these hard lumps on my chest), but asked him about my back and he told me to go get an x-ray, a blood test and to take some strong anti inflammatory. I got the x-ray done, and the x-ray person said there looked to be nothing wrong with the positioning of the spine. So I think that means it’s just the nerve problem I have from overuse. I can’t really rest now.. not with the trial coming up.. so I just have to take alot of pills..

It’s time to start properly gearing up for the Sydney FC trial on the 23rd of July. It’s two weeks away now and I have to get to that extra level of fitness like I did with Moses. So I’ve asked Moses what I should do and I’m waiting to hear back from him. I need a proper weeks schedule so I can prepare and rest properly. This is what I’ve come up with.

Time Monday (2) Tuesday (3) Wednesday(3) Thursday (2) Friday (3) Saturday(<1) Sunday
Morning  Strength and Resistance(9:30 – 10:30) (1:00) RPM 9:30 – 10:30 (1:00) RPM 12:15 – 13:15 (1:00)
Lunch Core Strengthening(13:15-13:45) Personal Session Videos(0:45)
Afternoon Technical Session(1:00)  Technical Session (1:00)  Technical Session (0:45) Strength and Resistance 12:20 – 13:20 (1:00) Yoga (0:30) Game (2:00)
Evening  RPM Session 17:45 – 18:45 (1:00) Club Training (get there 15 early) (1:45) Watch Newcastle Jets vs ACT Rockets – take notes of what to expect in Sydney trial (1:00) rest  Club Training (1:30) get there 15 early
Late Evening Personal Session Videos (0:15)  rest


So there’s room here for maximising my fitness with RPM sessions, technical skills and strength. I agree to the schedule above! Let’s do this!

This time two years ago:



Next week
Follow the schedule, put everything into this!  It’s Sydney FC!

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