Weekly Review 25th June – 1st July 2012 [you can’t have my spot]

01 July 2012

People don’t deserve to have my spot in the team, they don’t deserve to play better than me. I work more on my game than anyone else in the entire league. I’ve been through more crap and shit than anyone else trying to make it. The further I progress in my Soccer career, is the further I can progress in inspiring people, to motivating people to go for their dreams. With an amazing business mind and football technical skills, I possess skills that come once in a lifetime.  No one who plays in the league can do that. No one who plays in Australia can do that. No professional player in the world can do that.

I had to tell myself that this week. I felt like something was missing the last few weeks from my performances in training and games. No one should have the privilege to tackle me. No one should have the privilege to get past me. They don’t deserve it because my purpose is more than just playing for myself and my family, it’s for the people too. All the people out there that have dreams to achieve something, and everyone of you reading this does. What better way to use football, with the billions that play it, watch it, read about it, and inspire others in achieving their destiny’s. Who does that in football? Who’s a role model you can look up to and has done that for the football community?  The football world, the sports world needs this person who never gave up.
I’m going to write this down and print it out to keep reminding myself.
My second half performance is never as good as my first half. I think it’s because I become cagey, I constantly look over to the bench to see who’s warming up and sooner or later I get subbed. Today I got subbed on the 65th minute. A team mate of mine said it was because I looked like I have less energy in the 2nd half. Weird.. It’s either because I don’t have the stamina, my back problem is slowing me down, or because I’m concentrating about the thought of coming off. I always feel like I have plenty of fuel in the tank, my back is not something I think about while playing, and I am worried about coming off in the 2nd half. So it’s just something I have to learn to get the thought out of my head. The “Gap training” I’ve done helps you to do this and get the negative thoughts out of your head.
Moses sent me an email this week and this is what it reads.
Hi Nick,I trust you are doing good this day, along with your family.I’m encouraged to see your efforts in becoming what you aiming at, and it is with this aspect that I wanna encourage you to keep up the good work, and never look back to even think of failure.

Know that hard work brings success, and the more you push further, you will one day reach your destiny.

I did see your vedios, and was nice to see you in action, but give more of yourself during the matches you play.

You need to be strong on and off the ball, your pace, shooting, more especially whenever you loose the ball, how to fight and win it back.

When you playing as a winger, you always need to drop deep down to your half when defending, and be as quick to open up on the wings when you attack.

As I always told you when I coached you, you’ll never know how good is the goal keeper when you don’t test him with shots, and every 4 or 5 shots on goal, one may go in, or maybe not, but make it a hobbit during games.

God Bless
It’s so great to have someone who reiterates the truth. You will reach your destiny if and only you persist.
Biggest thing that’s been on my mind lately is Sydney FC vs Uni in Holland.  I will have the chance (knock on wood) to train with Sydney FC’s senior squad from July 23. I was planning to leave to Europe on the 26th-27th of July which makes things very awkward for me. I am confident I will perform very well at this trial and if do, then a placement is inevitable and I’ll be giving up that Europe Uni option. I suspect this is all going to be very last minute stuff. Flights and decisions. So I’m going to keep my mind off it until that week comes.
In other stuff, Dutch clubs, or at least the ones I’ve talked to in the Topklasse, seem to finalise their squads way in advance. It looks like many of them have already picked out their squads for the season starting in August.. weird.
Goodnight, time to rest up and watch the Euro final!
Next week
18 hours once again.
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