Sports Frustration

Weekly Review 18th – 24th June 2012

24 June 2012
Sports Frustration
Frustration. It’s what every footballer goes through. When you have high expectations of yourself, frustration is an everyday part of life. My aim to be one of the top players in Canberra.. I wasn’t included in the best 20 or so players in the league for the ACT rockets squad that play against a-league club Newcastle Jets next month and the last few matches have been sub-par performances from me.
Only thing I can do is try harder next week.  I ask myself, What are some things I’m doing right now that I can change or could be doing better?
I think a bit of confidence is lacking right now. I really need to prepare mentally before because it only does me good. I’ve been lazy to do it consistently over these past few weeks, but I need to do it before training, etc. I’m also not doing enough personal training. I’ve been watching too many games.
That confidence I don’t have restricts me from wanting the ball, taking players on, etc which is what I have to do.
Today we played against Cooma.

In the team talk, Pat said ” I was lucky to still be in the first team”. Those words stuck with me because I knew I was better than what I was showing and I deserve more.

We drew 3-3. I got the assist with our first goal with a low cross, across the goal for Pete to finish it off. Cooma had two players who played in the a-league, so it wasn’t a bad result. My performance was far from convincing.
Contacted about 15 dutch people this week through LinkedIn and contact emails from club websites.
Got a few replies and working to get a trial, but something stuck with me this week when I went to an advanced coaching clinic at the AIS. They needed players, but I ended up being the only player that came. At the clinic, the coaches were running sessions and were being assessed by FFA. Craig Foster was there and some guy who plays for Wellington Phoenix. I was talking to a Queensland youth state league coach and was telling him I’ve been trying to get trials in the a league. He told me about this Japanese player called Izzy something who was backpacking in Australia and rocked up with his boots to a preseason training session at Sydney FC I think it was and ended up getting a contract! So he told me, just rock up at a pre season training session and ask if you can play. The club have nothing to lose and all to gain. He was telling me, go to Brisbane, Melbourne, wherever, commit to spending a week there and barge your way in there to play. All of this contacting clubs via email gets a pretty low response rate, so just asking if you can play face to face makes sense.
That’s all for now
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