Andy Caroll Header Was Spectactular!

Weekly Review 11th – 17th June 2012

17 June 2012

Andy Caroll Header Was Spectactular!

It was all lined up to be  a fantastic Sunday. I prepared well. Trained everyday. Gym, Personal Trainings and Euro 2012. My back is still stiff and sore, but not to the point where I can’t give 100%. So yeah, all was looking good. In Friday’s training I was following Stevie Lee’s advice and coming inside more to receive the ball. I got way more touches in the ball and created more opportunities than I usually would. We played Olympic today who are in fifth spot and trying to break into the top four. We won 2-0 against them in the reverse fixture, but today we had an pretty big injury crisis, missing most of our midfield and attack. I felt like today was going to be a man of the match performance and the first 30 minutes it was going that way, I was defending well, leading players to the outside, took some players on and got in some decent positions. We lead 1-0 until the 40th minute and then it all went downhill from there when they scored two goals in quick succession. We ended up losing the match 2-1 and I ended up playing about 80-85 minutes. One thing I could improve today was the timing of my positioning and runs. I could of gone to pick up the ball from the centre mid a few times but hesitated (need to get that out of my mind, and be fully confident) and then the chance to get that ball was gone because I was a second too slow. So that’s a negative, but completely repairable. The “taking players on” aspect of my game is improving a lot, and that positioning is a big part of it. Once I get that right, which will be next week.. I’ll have my moment in the sun. Simple as that. I just need to stop hesitating and go for it and want that ball. If I just remember to scan a few times before I receive the ball, I’ll be fine and will be in that position to make that killer pass, shot or take players on.

Apart from that..not much. Did begin making Dutch contacts tonight and paid the deposit for Uni housing in Amsterdam. Looks like fun and I just need to commit to travel dates and bookings..

Next Week
18 hours next week. Never missing daily hours really helped in reducing stress so I will keep that forever! Will focus on just getting that ball without hesitation.

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