Weekly Review 4th – 10th June 2012

10 June 2012
It was a pretty shitty week in training. Only trained twice with club and the first training was indoor and just shit. Friday was also shit (for the team), losing 4-0 to reserves in a practice match. I however was really buzzing beforehand, Me and a friend were out being door-to-door salesman selling mobile websites so we were talking to people alot, on our feet and working hard. So as soon as I got home, it was time for training and I felt energized from the day I was having and felt free on the pitch. That’s in contrast to most of my days where I’m lounging  in the house all day with my laptop. So to get buzzing.. Do something where your being active, talking, etc before trainings and games.
So in the game against undefeated Belconnen, I arrived 15 mins late because of the fucking GPS and wrong directions. So I was late to the game just like the last fixture against them. Not the right way to prepare.. It stressed me out a bit and couldn’t finish my mental prep and no coffee either. We warmed up shitty and it just wasn’t clicking. You had a feeling it wasn’t going to be such a great day for us. Down 2-0 at half time, both goals started from my side with the left mid cutting inside of me and the second goal came from a header. The cross came from my side but didn’t block it. The 3rd goal came early in the 2nd half from my side again and I probably didn’t block the runner properly. I got taken off 10 mins into the 2nd half.. I think deservedly so, it just wasn’t working out for me. When I look back I did not do these things.
1. Try Arrive 15-30 minutes before due to be there and without that fallback time, I got there late. This is in the end due to poor time management with hours.
2. Mental prep was not completed properly.
3. No coffee
After the game I talked with the veteran man Stevie Lee about getting ball more, being out of position. Because when he comes on, he gets more touches on the ball in 5 mins, than I would in the whole game, but he drifts in a lot centrally. I keep getting scared to receive ball in close, have to want it more – no fear my control is the best in the team, should have no fear there.
Injury update, my back is okay, but still stiff and sore – go get a massage
Next Week
– confirm housing for Amsterdam, – – – commit to booking flight tickets
– begin contacting dutch clubs and making contacts
Start fresh Tomorrow – gym, yoga, personal sesh in morning
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