Holiday Review 30th July – 3rd September 2012

03 September 2012

The last five weeks have been nothing short of fantastic, there has rarely been one day where I wasn’t really enjoying myself. There’s been alot of late nights (it’s actually 4am right now!), traveling around Europe with my aussie boys, fun, beach chilling, amazing DJ’s, clubs, spending lots of money, people, sights, visiting the Vatican was amazing, seeing how interesting history can be, seeing great old Budapest friends, partying, drinking, sziget, girls, more fun, and just having the best time.. what more could have I asked for? But most importantly from a football perspective, resting physically and especially mentally. I haven’t even begun about how brilliant my first two weeks living in the Netherlands have been!Originally, I planned that I would not write back here until the 20th, but I extended two weeks because I still felt like the motivation wasn’t there. Even after the three weeks break I still felt unmotivated and had no desire to train.. I was just having too much of a great time without the stresses and pressures of football. The number one negative aspect to football for me is stress and anxiety, I’ve had a lot of that over the past 3 years now so having that break was more than welcome. I now need to find out a way to conquer this negative aspect: Feeling absolutely no football related stress/anxiety/nervousness.
While in Budapest and in this time I talked to three key people who I’ve caught up with.
Gave me shit about signing a contract with Chris and about when he could of arranged me trials in Belgium and how I should of been patient.. although I was waiting for month after month.
It’s been three years since I last saw him when all he did was warm up our group and be an assistant before Janos would train us but since then he has taken an under 21 team in Cyprus through two back to back national titles, becoming the youngest manager to ever do so (he’s 29). He’s built up a big network of football connections in Cyprus especially so he is a very valuable contact to have later on.
My LinkedIn tactic of contacting football industry people finally worked. Living in Amsterdam is obviously a huge plus because now that I’m here, it’s easier to arrange trainings and so forth. I found a coach to do technical trainings with (just once a week), a UEFA A license coach and has a desire to bring his technical trainings to professional clubs, his name is Fred. I also didn’t pay any money for training so I guess it’s free?
The big news is that I have been training with the FC Volendam reserves and this opportunity came through LinkedIn when I connected with a Volendam scout. Volendam is about 40 mins north from Amsterdam and plays in the Jupiler league (2nd div). They have a proper good stadium, magazine,’s a professional club and the best I have ever trialed for. Players that once played for Ajax, Utrecht, etc are players that I’m training with! I am extremely fortunate to get a chance with them! So far I’ve been to two trainings on Thursday and Friday. Coach says he is looking for a number 7 or number 2. I did okay even though I have had literally done no fitness work over the past 4-5 weeks and feel I am definitely at their level even with lack of training. I did enough to be invited back to train on Tuesday, so we’ll see what happens. I don’t want to talk it up, but this is undoubtedly a very big opportunity for me.
I talked to Moses yesterday and he said to me as he always does: stay strong, run back and defend, be aggressive, always take players on, don’t be afraid and take shots.
Now it’s on to the new week and the first I’ll be starting a new 15 hour schedule, aswell as starting university studies and getting back into the full-time everyday marketing grind of business.
My new 15 hrs and what it will primarily consist of is:
  • 2 game analysis sessions per week
  • 3 gym sessions
  • 1 yoga seasion and 1 spinning/bodystep class
  • 5 club trainings
This is only a rough guide because I haven’t found a proper club yet. So next week I’ll just be doing at least 2:10 everyday.
I feel as though personal trainings now will be somewhat ineffective because my technical skill is plateauing, and the only way to improve is to do these things:
1. Get physically stronger in the gym (also a new focus on developing muscle in legs).
2. Do as many high-intensity trainings I can possibly arrange with experienced Dutch coaches and other players around me.
3. Cure ALL stress, anxiety and nervousness related to football.
Time to begin this brand new week. The Netherlands has been really special these first two weeks. I am right in the middle of living a great international student life, it’s everything I ever wanted. Parties and get togethers every night of the week, great roommates, 10/10 social life, girls, etc, etc. No regrets whatsoever and I don’t think I will ever be homesick! (fingers crossed)
That’s it for now! Time to go to bed. zzz
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