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Weekly Review 27th – 4th March 2012 [wedding & tiredness]

04 March 2012
Ryo Miyaichi
On a bus back to Canberra after attending the long awaited big bros wedding. It was a pretty amazing day and was proud of my brother, that my eyes were even getting watery..
So I’ve been here since Thursday, and I’ve had a few days off. I’ve been really tired and sleeping alot and I don’t know if that’s from the rainy weather, or the hard work that I’ve put in everyday over the last month with soccer and working on business everyday just catching up with me.
So nothing much to report, Chris is waiting for “Crookie” – Sydney FC youth coach to tell him when I can go down there – but meanwhile I’m just improving on my game anyway.

Next Week

I only trained once or twice this week and made sure I did 10 hours, but next week should be a full 18 hours.
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