Weekly Review 20th – 26th February 2012

26 February 2012

So I sort of turned on the ‘domination attitude’ in training and games, the mindset of just taking players on, beating them and getting in as many shots and crosses as possible with little care of the consequences.

It works and having this mindset is defeating that attribute linked to me that I can’t beat players one on one (which is so important as a winger). I now do + I’m working on strength in the gym, and that’s very slowly showing its effects – so with all the ups and downs – everything is going in the right direction

I have a personal awareness of how I’m performing in games, and I’ve been looking at game videos and focusing on the wing play of Robben and Ribery of Bayern Munich. When I compare myself to them, I believe that more and more, I’m starting to really become more like them. But what I really want to do is film my games, just sucks that the video camera is in sea mail from Hungary!

Trying to replicate the one on one sessions I did with Moses, I trained with Jack once this week, he is this guy who is just in love with football and has been holding free open technical training sessions in Canberra for like 30+ years and developing alot of great players that have come from here. The day after I had a technical training sesh with him, I felt the effects immediately with timing and everything in the game the day after, so I’m trying to train with him again next week! By the way, in that game I scored a goal from outside the box and another rocket of a shot, cutting in from the left wing onto my right, that should of been counted as a goal aswell.

Interesting points by Jack on the things to do on trials:
– yell and scream as much as possible – brings attention to you
– make runs – shows your intelligent and gets you noticed
– get 200 touches in before a game – cut all the shit touches out and play great right from the whistle.

No update from Chris my shitty agent, but it is the day of my brothers wedding next week and I should be able to finally have a coffee with him or something.

Oh and I’m again considering going to Uni and I’m gonna attend a few lectures at ANU this week just to get a first hand look on if the learning bit is worth it

Next Week
18 hours completed this week and 18 hours completed next week, keep hustling and working hard.

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