Weekly Review 13th – 19th February 2012

19 February 2012

Writing this on the bus on the way back from Wollongong after a game (two) with Woden. Played one half with reserves and a few minutes with the first team

It’s been a mixed week. Praise from onlookers, and slightly negative from coaches.

Judging my own overall performance , I guess it’s been ok. But I have to be the most confident, standout player. I’m getting better at taking on players but still there are times where I can do it and don’t, so I just have to break the bloody habit and just commit to drive at the defenders.

Playing a decent number of games in training and friendlies, I’ve been playing a combo of centre mid and left wing and right Wing, I for sure play my best performances on the right wing, and secondary position I guess is right back. Crosses are always excellent and all my technical ability just flourishes there I think. Not so much on the left though. So yeah this is my position right now.

One thing I have to show is my finishing ability, I need to learn how to get a shot away from the wings like outside the box.

The domination attitude? Every time I get the ball, just go full pelt and drive at defenders without thinking of consequences, shoot cannonballs in space, take players on again and again each time, that’s the only thing in my mind, Beating the fullback

Next Week
I like 18 hours per week, more time to focus and less boredom. 18 hours next week.


  1. Jayden says:

    Hey nick, what happened? Why did you stop posting?

  2. Jayden Maharaj says:

    Okay, by the way, I read outliers (fantastic) and bounce and it inspired me to train 20 hours a week. I’m 14, and I’m much more determined thanks to your blog. Reading about how you trained more and how it paid off for you inspires me! I’m from Vancouver, Canada but I want to play in Europe. What do you recommend for me to do? Would it be worth it and the right time for me to come overseas and play?


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