Weekly Review 6th – 12th March 2012

12 March 2012

Don’t know where to start with this one. I wish I had good news to report, but the last few weeks have been pretty neutral with football. Each day is mostly the same – soccer, business combined with a bit of socialising here and there.

A few months ago I thought by now I would of already been living in Sydney playing in the a-league youth or something – but instead I’m in Canberra playing for Woden Valley reserves.. yer, you see in football planning things is stupid because they almost never happen according to schedule.

Playing for Woden for the time being is okay – practicing 3 times a week and a game on the weekend is fine to keep up some fitness. Always doing training on my own and watching games sticking to my personal improvement schedule everyday.

Was playing for the reserves on the weekend against Tuggeranong which is actually a crap side and ended up drawing. Some people must think I am crazy for trying to become a professional soccer player. If I am not that player that stands out and shines on the football pitch in amateur football, then sometimes I think I am crazy myself!

I did almost score a stunning bicycle/volley in the last few minutes of the match, but unfortunately for me it was saved.

Anyway, whatever ups and downs I’m going through in football, the overall direction is always up. I should be playing in the first team, but obviously the coaches don’t see what I’m capable of.

I love to make cross field runs, but you also need good intelligent players with good vision to get on the ball. Unfortunately the players I play with usually miss that.

Whatever! On to the next week.

Oh and a update with the gym, I’ve been going two or three times a week for.. 9 or 10 weeks now. Muscle is slowly developing. I think form is improving and I’ll just keep it up. I just hate
going to the gym for an extended time. Spending over an hour or so there drives me crazy.

Next Week
18 hours of work once again. With downloading and watching full matches, I feel like I’m almost not learning that much anymore. So I think watching more Youtube videos of
good players will prove to work better for me. On to the next one! Lets go!


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