go confidently in the direction of your dreams

Weekly Review 28th – 4th December 2011 [one day things will change]

05 December 2011

 The Path to Success

go confidently in the direction of your dreams
Monday started off with a bit of kick around the park. Left foot lobbed balls and shots. A bit of one touch, and two touch against the wall.
Tuesday I rocked up to Montrose training and found out we have a training match against the first team. When one of the first team coaches asked what position I play. I said right fullback. I wanted to see if I would do well there and impress. I would go on the second half. In the second half it was a mix of the U17/U/19 defence line vs the first team attack. I was marking one of the first team wingers called Stephen McPhee, about 20 years old. He was decent and skillful but I could cope with him. Although there was one long ball where he got near the touchline and cut inside. I think he scored.. I can’t remember. The good things were:
– I got in good attacking positions.
– passing was mostly good.
The bad things
– I lacked aggression.
– My fitness felt like it dropped.
– Felt mentally weak.
I think those athletesaudio mental training tapes, help you get relaxed and focused, preparing you for each training. When your minds mostly focused on the computer and your a lazy couch potato all day, getting focused quickly and mentally prepared to put in your best is really important. So the next trainings I have this week, I’ll listen to a track before each.
One thing I’ve been noticing is that I’m losing motivation a bit. When I think it through, I guess it’s just the environment I’m in, I mean I haven’t made friends with any of the team and I love to joke with people and be good friends with everyone in football and life. So I guess when your out of your comfortable environment for too long, you begin to dislike training and consequently lose a bit of that drive. So I just have to wait it through here and think about my ultimate goal instead of my present.
Another Merpro training. All pretty nice guys there who support each other and had an ok training. I also feel my getting a quick touch away from the defender and finish is getting better.
Noticed my finishing is getting better. More powerful and more accurate. My right foot is for sure one of my best strengths, if not the best.
I felt this training felt easier than the others. It’s either because I did a mental prep track beforehand, or I’m just getting used to the pace of the training and game. We’ll see next time.
Got in touch with Moses via email and he was “shocked” to hear what was happening with Chris leaving me here. I was going to call Chris, but instead was forced to chat to Chris on skype. My business class flight back to Australia with my parents (courtesy of the embassy) is scheduled to leave in mid-January. I’ve been pondering on what to do next seeing as the chances of getting in a team within the next month look slimmer. I asked Chris what’s next, but he is still trying to get in contact with Kevin the head coach. He has talked to George the assistant already and George said that “he likes me” and same with Tony. Chris did mention ‘Portugal’ and the second division there. One of Chris’ players Cameron (who was in Montrose with Tony last year) is there at one of the teams on a amateur contract. Chris might make arrangements to send me there later. He also did mention that if I return to Australia, he can try slot me in the a-league/state league. I’ve mentioned this before, but even if I get into a a-league club it will feel like a dream come true.
In other news, there’s been no good leads from Paul and Soccer Future in Amsterdam is unresponsive to my emails. There is a guy called Alex who is apart of a French agency and contacted me with this:
This mail by your post on Linkedin.
We are a French agency directed by ex-professional Nicolas Sahnoun. We organise trial sessions in France and across Europe.
3 weeks program : daily training, weekly matches.
First session : January 9th – 27th, Games against Girondins de Bordeaux (French First division), Mérignac (French cfa2), Deportivo Alaves (Spain Segunda B).
Coming soon : England, Turkey, Portugal, Scotland, etc.
Price : 399 € including daily training, lodging (3 stars hotel), restauration, transport (air, bus) to the match.
Please call me back !
www.21equipe.com – Alex Torres.
So I am awaiting a call from Alex to talk more about this. Have to be a bit of a skeptic though as I’ve learnt.
The weekend was quiet once again. Haven’t gone out to see my friend in Aberdeen the last 3-4 weeks now. It’s been me and Tony 24/7, and when you’re doing everything together, living together, etc for over a month it can get irritating.
I got my first uni application sent to the University of Erasmus Rotterdam and should know whether I’m accepted or not within the next 6 weeks. Also have to start applying to the UK.
Anyway, even though the future has always looked uncertain for the last 6 months or so, what thing that makes me feel at ease is that the journey I’m experiencing is the same that all people that go to live their dreams do. I am on the path to success and if I stay on that path, I will no doubt make it.
I’m keeping the belief, I’ll keep on working hard and I’ll keep on persisting until my situation improves.

Next Week

15 hours as always and on the usual improvement routine. I didn’t contact those 10 clubs/contacts that I said I would make and contact, completely forgot about it, so I will do 20.
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