Van persie Looking Back

Weekly Review 5th – 11th December 2011 [back to budapest]

18 December 2011

Van persie Looking Back

Time to reflect on the 6 or 7 weeks I’ve been in Montrose. There have been some negatives on being here, so many to list. Not enough training, lack of communication in the club,  cost of being here (I hate to say it, but it’s cost at least $1500-2000). So there were parts that really sucked and made me frustrated as hell, but at the same time with all the negatives, you have to account in the positives and the things I’ve learnt like:
1. How much I appreciate my family – I’ve never been away from at least one family member for more than a week so  to not have any family while staying here in Montrose has really made me think about how much they mean to me and have someone to talk when times are hard (I never thought I’d ever be  saying that lol, I always feel like I can do everything on my own, and I can, but having my closest family with me just makes it easier)
2. Increase in confidence – In the last week I’ve felt more comfortable with having the ball at my feet in games and training, and I think it’s a result of getting used to the pace and the style of play.
3. Established I can at least play decently at youth level at a Scottish 3rd div club – and I can easily see myself as being the best player in the team after a few more weeks/months.
4. Got feedback and Confirmed that I’m a good player – and now he will have more confidence in me and respect.
5. How much it would cost to live in the UK – Would depend if I was sharing, but for a decent flat and utilities (100 pounds p/wk) + food (40 p/wk) + transport (0 – 60 p/wk depending on location) + (50 p/wk other expenses) = 800 pounds +/- 50 or $1150 – 1300 aussie dollars. Making above that, and worst case scenario, would be working full-time at Tesco or somewhere like that.

It was a quiet week. There were NO Montrose trainings because the pitch was frozen. There was one Merpro training on Wednesday however and there was a game today. It was the fourth round of the Scottish FA Youth Cup. I started on the bench and came on as a right back on around the 55th minute. Did alright, and didn’t have many chances going forward, had to defend most of the time. One thing about the Scottish game is playing the offside line and chasing the high balls that come over the top. Not used to that, so my defending and marking wasn’t the best, but still did alright. Would of been more effective as a winger and I’m beginning to think I’m better as a winger.. I still don’t know yet. To develop faster this is why I need to train more and play every weekend with a proper team.

Anyway, I feel a sense of relief that this trial is over and I’m going back to Budapest for Christmas. It’s about one month now until my parents finish up here.. and there’s still no certainty to what I’m going to do. Looks like I could sign for Montrose if I wanted, but not my preferred option. We’ll see how things turn out, the future is always uncertain and everything could change tomorrow!

I’ll be in Holland for a few days with my AISB friend next week, and have a little bit of chilling time there,  get me some new pairs of kicks and eat stroopwaffles all day (mmmmmmmm yum). More importantly, I’ll probably keep up my training with some guy called Mickey Samargik from the soccer future company. Apparently he holds his training’s 200m north from Amsterdam Arena where Ajax play.  I tried calling him earlier, and the guy can’t even speak English properly. So we’ll see what happens with that.

Next Week
Missed three hours this week! So 18 hours of development next week. Got a few games downloaded that I’ll watch on the train to London (in my first class seat!) and just enjoy!! See-ya

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