Weekly Review 21st – 27th November 2011

27 November 2011


Another full week in Montrose. On Tuesday there was no training because of a Scottish Cup match that Montrose were in, so did own thing. I was really fucking frustrated!
Wednesday: Trained with Merpro again, good shooting and finishing by me.
Thursday: played about 70-75 minutes of a 90 minute training match, u/17 vs u/19’s. Played on both both wings, and fullback for a little bit.
Probably should of got my crosses in earlier, but I showed a good attitude to get tackles in and put pressure on defenders. I Wasn’t a standout. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I just need somewhere where I can train consistently, play every week, get the rhythm and get the confidence I need to showcase my superior technical abilities.

Alright so back to my frustration! The last three weeks, they’ve been 3 or 4 trainings at most I’ve been involved in, Chris lacks communication of what is going on and doesn’t answer what the next step is and keeps saying he will ring the club. Come on Chris! Spending lots of money and time here. Apart of me says I want to be back in Budapest with my parents and friends, but at the same time, I am hoping Chris is not so daft and is trying to arrange positive things for me in the UK. + there’s Paul who is trying to arrange something for me, annndd I got an email this weekend from Kire (Jahan connected me earlier) who owns SoccerFuture.net who says can get me in a Dutch or Belgium club if I go to Amsterdam for 7 days and pay 700 euro! (food, accommodation included). I apparently just have to give them three days notice. Thing I’m wary about is that they didn’t bother to reply to my previous messages and it took them months to reply to my last message.

So yeah.. going deep, I’ve learnt that going for your dreams is as much of a waiting game as it is hard work and tears. I just gotta wait for the next chance to come.
I have a gut feeling that things will change next week and new opportunities will arise. I wish for good news!
As for the uni applications, I’m putting in papers for Erasmus Rotterdam and maybe AUC all in Holland as I reckon it would be a great place to live for an international kid.
Also have to keep making connections and sending emails to clubs. If I send to 10 different clubs or people each week, then something has to come out of that.. whether it’s advice or a few new people in my network that can help me.

Next Week

What can I say, keep doing my own thing and put my best into trainings. 15 hours this week and 15 hours next week!
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