Glen Johnson Scores for Chelsea

Weekly Review 14th – 20th November 2011 [part-time in England?]

21 November 2011


Glen Johnson scores against Chelsea
Watching Chelsea get beat by Liverpool was not a fun experience…
Tuesday: Rocked up to training, none of the youth players were there because apparently training was called off. Great! But the first team was there so we talked to the head coach but he couldn’t let us train because he had it all set up with the numbers of players he had already. So we just grabbed a few balls from them and did our own thing once again.
Wednesday: Trained with a team called Merpro. Decent players, better than Hegyvidek. Team has lots of former Montrose Youth players. It was good to measure my performance against them, because they played at decent pace. Did one drill that was practiced with Moses 🙂 Later I found out that they play in the Scottish midlands football alliance which is pretty amateur. Jesus, football is good throughout all levels in the UK.
Trained with u/17’s. Decent training. Co-ordination drills, passing drill and possession game.
Watching Bale and players like Giggs to watch their positioning. Bale sometimes stands a step behind the touchline. Giggs will be near the touchline as well. They don’t drift into the center unless they are swapping positions temporarily with the centre mid or striker for example. Watched Madrid vs Valencia and Ronaldo would have a pretty free role in the last third of the pitch. So I thought that was interesting. But I’m just a little confused, should I be making those runs cross-field? I don’t know, I guess I have to ask the coach.
I was reading a FourFourTwo article and there was a penalty tips section. It said that top corner shots are nearly impossible to save. Apparently if you aim for a shoulder height shot with power, the keeper won’t save it. I want to test this theory.
Paul, the guy from LinkedIn I’ve mentioned earlier who decided to give me multiple acts of kindness using his connections with scouts at teams like Man Utd and Rangers to watch my video and asses my abilities and give me a trial? This is all for nothing in return by the way. What a fantastic guy. I hope karma gives a lot back to him for doing this.
This is what a Rangers Scout said:
I had a look at the video,he looks a talented kid,I have one problem though,and it,s his age,he would be an under 19 in Scotland and that is the step before a full time 1st team contract,I don,t think he is ready for that,ideally what clubs are looking for are 1995 1996,1997,1998 dates of birth,that way the players would have a better chance of being looked at seriously.

Thanks for taking the time to look at his video.  It is a shame that he is slightly the wrong age because of his talent.
Do you have any advice for him perhaps? Do you think he has a future in the game and if so what should he try next?
I really appreciate your time and feedback.

It will be very difficult for him because of his age,he may get trials at some clubs but but I think he would maybe have to start at the part time scenario,does he live in Scotland ? if not he would probable have to pay his own way.
Even though it doesn’t look as if anything will come from this I wanted to give you some feedback that might help you in some way.



Starting off part-time will probably be the best option for me, as based on the feedback that Rangers Scout said, as well as the Man United one.
I think targeting clubs in the non-league of England for example would be good. The problem is the UK is like the most competitive place in the world. 2nd/3rd division in France, Holland, Austria, etc and starting there would be a good starting point in my career. That’s been said by the Invision before.
Now Paul has said that the Kilmarnock scout will talk to a few people and Paul is talking to Banbury united.. two leagues under the conference in England. Apparently they have lots of scouts that watch their league and the players are paid quite well.
So how do I feel about all this then with paying my way here in Montrose, part-time football, etc. Well I don’t mind it and I really don’t have much to worry about. If I was living on my own in the UK, renting an 300 pound a month flat, + food + utilities + transport, it would be about 700 pounds a month I would need and right now with business I’m earning above that + my parents could help me out with some of the bills anyway. So I’ve set myself up to have a good amount of freedom to do exactly what I want to do. I keep looking at unis, all is going ok with that. Parents are all set to leave in less than two months.. so I have no idea what’s going to happen until then. But my life is an adventure exciting and scary at times.. I don’t think I would want it any other way, why live your life like everyone else?
Next Week
Completed all hours this week. Next Week 15 again. Keep working on what I’ve been working on, learning, improving. Cool.


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