Weekly Review 7th – 13th November 2011 [2nd week in Montrose]

13 November 2011

This 2nd week of November got off to a shitty start. Tuesday we walked inside the dressing room and was told there was a game on. We weren’t told beforehand that there was a game, and more importantly, we weren’t part of the game! So that sucked, and it added to the 100’s of frustrating moments I’ve had over the past two years. So me and Tony just stayed on the small pitch next tot he main pitch and did our own thing there.
Thursday was sort of a panic in the morning because I was trying to change my flight. But by the time I called and got through to KLM, the flight was already leaving Aberdeen. So now I’m free to be leaving whenever, I’ll have to book a flight with easyjet or wizzair. Thursday night was a similar story to Tuesday, only this time I got to play (Tony has a problem with his knee so he couldn’t). It was the Montrose U/19 vs the Montrose U/19 vs the U/17 and a few young trialists + me. We lost the match something like 4-1. But to be honest we had a few shitty players, and I think one guy was 15.. what really matters was my own performance. I think overall I was the player on the pitch which created the most chances for others. I got some good crosses in and a few good passes here and there. It wasn’t my best performance, I didn’t take on as many players as I should of, even though I’ve been practicing on that. Confidence. I didn’t have one shot in the entire match. My performance was decent, but far from my best. At half time the coach said to me I should push out to the touchline when were attacking, but I felt like I wasn’t getting the ball enough so that’s why I pushed in… looking back, it probably wasn’t the right idea. I really need the free moving role when attacking I feel. Making those fast runs and getting on the ball. I want to make those cross field runs, but I feel like I need permission from the coach to do that. Anyway, at least I know I’m their level/better than a few of them, and I haven’t played a proper match since the Kasnicbaricka trial game two months ago.
On Friday I got in contact with Moses. I told Moses to call and talk to Chris as an attempt to get me higher on his priority list. Chris didn’t answer the phone at first, but called back Moses and apparently they talked for 5-6 minutes about me and I think it was positive. Moses told every good thing about me.Chris told Moses that he’s awaiting feedback from the Montrose coaches here. I tried to get the coaches number on Thursday, but even he was pretty unhelpful in giving it to me.
It was a stay-in weekend. I didn’t go down to Aberdeen unfortunately. Instead, I just worked on business as I do everyday and get a training in the afternoon with Tony by ourselves. There’s not much to do for fun in Montrose, and ‘babe central’ is at the local Tesco, hehe. Although on Friday night we went to the local pub and had some dinner. To Tony’s embarrassment I got up and danced on the dancefloor. It was just very awkward with people like twice or three times your age :/ That’s ok though, I work on business most of the day (if the wifi connection is working properly) and that’s growing slowly but surely. Tony on the other hand spends most of the day on MSN and Facebook from what I see glancing to his bed next to me every now and then. I’m surprised he doesn’t want to go and explore somewhere for the day! Feels like a waste of life to me if I’m just on Facebook all day.. pretty anti-social.
Regarding the uni stuff, my cover letter is just about done and I’ll send it off to Spencer, my former high school guidance counselor tomorrow. But I haven’t contacted the NCAA because the skype connection drops out with the crappy wifi and it would cost alot if I called via mobile. That being said, I need to call them anyway.. so I can’t put this off, I’ll attempt to call them tomorrow!
Next Week
Completed 13.5 hours this week because I felt lazy today and didn’t do the 3 hours I was supposed to. I will do the 1.5 hours I owe + 2 all tomorrow. I keep working on those 1-on-1’s, turning imaginary defenders from receiving a wall pass, left foot shooting, crossing, etc. I keep improving technically everyday. 16.5 hours next week.
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